International Dance Day

International Dance Day was introduced in 1982 by the International Dance Council (CID, the Conseil International de la Danse), and is celebrated on 29 April. The date does not have any particularly significance for dance today but is the day the French dancer and balletmaster Jean-Georges Noverre was born. The day serves to fulfil events which attract the attention of the wider public to the art of dance, with emphasis on addressing those who are new to dance and who do not follow dance events in their everyday lives.

The International Dance Council therefore represents and supports the art of dance and promotes International Dance Day throughout the year through its global network. Each year there is a different global message from the organisation but overall it maintains that while dance has been an integral part of human culture throughout its history, it is less prioritised by official establishments which it aims to overcome.

In 2005 International Dace Day focused on primary education with the organisation urging dance establishments to contact all Ministries of Education with the proposal to celebrate at all schools by writing essays about dance, drawing dance pictures and dancing in the playground. The 2007 Dance Day was dedicated to children and in 2008 governments, sponsors, and the media was the main concern. They were viewed as the three most important factors affecting the practice of dance as an art.

As a result the organisation aims to represent all forms of dance, levels and functions because dance professionals struggle to approach the governments, sponsors, and the media individually, gleaning poor results. The organisation believes that as dance is a central part of every culture, it is the ideal means for bringing together people from different countries, so should be supported for cultural diversity and universal acceptance.

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