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Ballet shoes and tights for diverse skin tones – our growing collection

Did you know that ballet shoes and tights were originally designed to look as if the dancer had bare legs and feet? In theory, this helped to create the illusion of longer legs and aesthetically pleasing classical lines, but it was completely impractical. We all know that people do not come in one standard colour, and so dancewear manufacturers have begun to tackle this imbalance. They have started to produce socks, tights and ballet shoes for darker skin tones, increasing the inclusivity of their ranges. At Dancewear Central, we want... Read More

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As we mark a year since the UK went into its first Covid-19 lockdown, we are running a series of interviews with dance industry professionals and dancers. Here we talk to dance teacher Johanna Hadley about her experiences over this past year. Tell us a bit about what you do in the UK dance sector? I’m Johanna Hadley and I’m a ballet teacher at our family business, the Janet Lomas School of Dancing in Bury, Lancashire. The school was founded by my mum 43 years ago. At the school, I... Read More

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As we mark a year since the UK went into its first Covid-19 lockdown, we are running a series of interviews with dance industry professionals and dancers Here we talk to Precious Adams, Junior Soloist at the English National Ballet and the impact this last year has had on her with regards to dance. Tell us a bit about what you do in the UK dance sector? So, primarily, I am a junior soloist ballet dancer with the English National Ballet. I have been working for them for nearly 7... Read More

Zannah Chisholm - Covid's Impact on PErforming Arts 16/02/2021
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How COVID-19 Has Impacted Performing Arts: An Interview with Zannah Chisholm

In this interview, we chat to Zannah Chisholm, Artistic Director and CEO of Pavilion Dance South West to find out a little more about the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the performing arts sector.  Tell us a bit about what you do in the performing arts sector? “For 25 years Pavilion Dance South West has been creating programmes of dance, nurturing talent and enabling more people to dance and to watch dance. Our strongest roots are in contemporary dance, but we are clear that the future is framed... Read More

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Life at the English National Ballet by Precious Adams

Having fallen in love with ballet at the age of 10, Precious Adams has been dancing ever since. Precious has been dancing with the English National Ballet for over 5 years. We caught up with her at our latest photoshoot about her life as a professional ballerina with one of the world’s leading dance companies. What’s your current level within the company and what does this involve? I’m a First Artist with is like a corphyee. But at ENB you can get opportunities and dance any different level of a... Read More

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Becoming A Ballerina: Sylvie Guillem

From Paris Opera Ballet ‘rat’ who preferred gymnastics to Ballet, to the ‘Mademoiselle Non’ who could pick and choose her performances for the Royal Ballet: Sylvie Guillem’s rise to ballet stardom. A Swan Among Ducks Guillem was born in the 11th arrondissement of Paris in 1965. The young Guillem had ambitions of becoming a gymnast instead of a ballerina, and even trained for the French Olympic gymnastics team. Claude Bessy (the director of the Paris Opera Ballet School) noticed her flare for dance and offered her a spot to board at his... Read More

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A Day in the Life of Yasmine Naghdi, First Soloist of The Royal Ballet

Yasmine Naghdi has long been declared a “rising star”, but now that she’s a first soloist for The Royal Ballet, we think it’s safe to say that this star has risen. We managed to catch up with the 24 year old as she took her break during rehearsals at The Royal Ballet’s Covent Garden studios. Wearing a stunning floral leotard in a striking green colour, Yasmine was all smiles as she talked us through her life as a ballet dancer. Yasmine is currently featuring in the new Dancewear Central catalogue.... Read More


Wayne Sleep on Dance Proms & the Secret to His Success…

Ballet dancer and performer Wayne Sleep is one of the Patrons of Dance Proms, a collaboration between the major dance organisations and the Royal Albert Hall. As Dance Proms is supported by Dancewear Central we got the chance to interview Wayne Sleep and put our top 6 questions to him –  sent in by fans!   Wayne Sleep started on the path to becoming a professional dancer at age 13 at the Royal Ballet School, this led to him joining the Royal Ballet Company five years later in 1966. At... Read More

Exclusive Matt Flint Interview

Matt Flint – the UK’s favourite dancer and Winner of Series 2 of the BBC’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ took time out to answer some of your questions in an exclusive interview with Dancewear Central.  Multi-talented, London-based choreographer, presenter, teacher and event producer Matt also chose his favourite question to win £50 to spend at Dancewear Central and two tickets to Dance Proms at the Royal Albert Hall in November! Tap dancer Matt is originally from Scarborough but moved to London aged 16 to attend Laine Theatre Arts.... Read More