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Dance Statistics UK 2021 14/05/2021
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Dance Makes us Happy – The Statistics

Dance. For some it’s a professional endeavour. For others, it’s a much loved hobby. And for plenty, it’s something we do in the shower, the kitchen and at family gatherings. However and wherever you dance, we’re a nation that simply loves it. So we compiled some dance statistics for 2021 to highlight the UK’s love affair with dance. Dance Statistics in Summary We’ve packed this piece full of information. But if you want just the quick version, here are our headline findings: 42.8% of adults in the UK say dancing... Read More

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As we mark a year since the UK went into its first Covid-19 lockdown, we are running a series of interviews with dance industry professionals and dancers. Here we talk to dance teacher Johanna Hadley about her experiences over this past year. Tell us a bit about what you do in the UK dance sector? I’m Johanna Hadley and I’m a ballet teacher at our family business, the Janet Lomas School of Dancing in Bury, Lancashire. The school was founded by my mum 43 years ago. At the school, I... Read More

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How to look after your tap shoes | Dancewear Central

Tap shoes, when looked after well, can last for many years. They don’t wear through as quickly as ballet and jazz shoes, and the sound of the tap plates can mature with age. To make sure that you get the most out of your tap shoes, follow our five top tips to keep you tapping away! 1. Don’t go outside in your tap shoes Going outside in your tap shoes will quickly damage the plates. Tap shoes plates are made of a soft metal, which will become heavily scratched when... Read More

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As we mark a year since the UK went into its first Covid-19 lockdown, we are running a series of interviews with dance industry professionals and dancers Here we talk to dancer-in-training, Jessica Templeton, who is in her second year at one of the most prestigious ballet schools in the world. Tell us a bit about what you do in the UK dance sector? I am a dancer, who trains mostly in ballet and contemporary. I started taking my dancing seriously aged 13, when I left home to train at... Read More

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Should I continue with dance classes online?

With the UK in the middle of its third lockdown, many people are growing weary of seemingly endless online meetings, home schooling, classes and activities. But while dancing at home is undeniably different to dancing in a studio, there are still many benefits to continuing with dance classes online. 1. Keeping a sense of normality Keeping up with regular dance classes can help to maintain a sense of normality and structure to your child’s week. Continuing with online classes means that students still get to see their dance teacher and... Read More

Zannah Chisholm - Covid's Impact on PErforming Arts 16/02/2021
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How COVID-19 Has Impacted Performing Arts: An Interview with Zannah Chisholm

In this interview, we chat to Zannah Chisholm, Artistic Director and CEO of Pavilion Dance South West to find out a little more about the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the performing arts sector.  Tell us a bit about what you do in the performing arts sector? “For 25 years Pavilion Dance South West has been creating programmes of dance, nurturing talent and enabling more people to dance and to watch dance. Our strongest roots are in contemporary dance, but we are clear that the future is framed... Read More

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What Financial Support Has the Government Made Available for the Arts Sector During the Pandemic?

As we all know, the coronavirus pandemic has put huge strain on our country’s valuable arts sector. Comedy, music, theatre and dance centres have been forced to close their doors and stop all performances to the public. Combined arts, visual arts, museums and many literature organisations have also been affected, putting many people’s careers and livelihoods at risk.  In this article, we explore what financial support has been made available to the arts sector during the coronavirus pandemic, and take a closer look into whether or not this will be... Read More

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Mental Health Benefits of Dance 2021

It’s widely known that dance is a great form of exercise for people of any age. Whether you’re a recreational or professional dancer, keeping moving is fantastic for your physical health. But what about your mental health? As dancers, we all know that feeling of coming out of a dance class energised, with a huge smile across your face. So what is it about dance that benefits our mental health so much? The science behind our minds and dance Whether you’re up on the dance floor at a wedding or... Read More

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Win a Suzi Bird minishoot styled by Dancewear Central

We thought we’d give a little something to look forward to once lockdown is over. Would you like to win a photoshoot with Suzi Bird and £75 worth of dancewear provided by Dancewear Central? Simply visit our Instagram or Facebook pages then follow these steps to enter; Follow Dancewear Central on Facebook and Instagram Tag your dance besties into the competition post Tag us into your favourite dance shot and use #dwcdancer Good luck! Terms and conditions The prize includes: 1 x 30 minute photography session at Suzi’s studio in... Read More

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Practising dance at home

How to stay fit at home during a long break can be a big worry for dance students, and even more so with the uncertainty of when dance schools will re-open. However, while you can’t physically attend a dance class, there is lots that you can still do at home to keep active and in good shape for your return. Try to put a positive spin on what is a difficult. This could be the perfect opportunity to work on areas you feel are slightly weaker, such as flexibility or... Read More