Commonly Asked Dancewear Questions

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Summer Dance Intensives – which schools to apply to

With applications now opening for summer intensives, it can be a daunting process to decide which intensives to attend and going through the applications for each. We spoke with two of our regular Dancewear Central models, Emily and Denis, and their mum, Olena, about their experience of summer intensives and to ask for any advice they may have. Denis is currently a full-time student at The Royal Ballet School’s White Lodge in London and Emily is a full-time student at The Hammond School in Chester. Both dancers regularly attend intensive... Read More

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As we mark a year since the UK went into its first Covid-19 lockdown, we are running a series of interviews with dance industry professionals and dancers Here we talk to dancer-in-training, Jessica Templeton, who is in her second year at one of the most prestigious ballet schools in the world. Tell us a bit about what you do in the UK dance sector? I am a dancer, who trains mostly in ballet and contemporary. I started taking my dancing seriously aged 13, when I left home to train at... Read More

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As we mark a year since the UK went into its first Covid-19 lockdown, we are running a series of interviews with dance industry professionals and dancers Here we talk to Precious Adams, Junior Soloist at the English National Ballet and the impact this last year has had on her with regards to dance. Tell us a bit about what you do in the UK dance sector? So, primarily, I am a junior soloist ballet dancer with the English National Ballet. I have been working for them for nearly 7... Read More

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The Best Jazz Shoes – Our Buying Guide

Confused about which jazz shoes to buy? Our handy guide is here to help you choose the correct jazz shoes for you. What are the different styles of jazz shoes? Jazz shoes are similar to a ballet shoe because they feature a flexible sole, but they usually have a small rubber heel. They are typically used in a jazz class to help to reduce friction beneath the foot, which is especially useful when performing pirouettes. Jazz shoes can be worn by both male and female dancers of all ages. They... Read More

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Should I continue with dance classes online?

With the UK in the middle of its third lockdown, many people are growing weary of seemingly endless online meetings, home schooling, classes and activities. But while dancing at home is undeniably different to dancing in a studio, there are still many benefits to continuing with dance classes online. 1. Keeping a sense of normality Keeping up with regular dance classes can help to maintain a sense of normality and structure to your child’s week. Continuing with online classes means that students still get to see their dance teacher and... Read More

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Mental Health Benefits of Dance 2021

It’s widely known that dance is a great form of exercise for people of any age. Whether you’re a recreational or professional dancer, keeping moving is fantastic for your physical health. But what about your mental health? As dancers, we all know that feeling of coming out of a dance class energised, with a huge smile across your face. So what is it about dance that benefits our mental health so much? The science behind our minds and dance Whether you’re up on the dance floor at a wedding or... Read More

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Advice for dance teachers during COVID-19

It’s with great sadness that, as of Friday 20th March 2020, all dance schools in the UK have been forced to close until further notice. We understand that many dance teachers are self-employed and how concerned you must feel about the lack of information and support available from the Government. We’re constantly checking any announcements and hoped that we’d hear something more last night particularly with regards to those of you who are self-employed. We’re hoping that there’s more support for the dance teacher community coming soon, and we’ll keep... Read More

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Practising dance at home

How to stay fit at home during a long break can be a big worry for dance students, and even more so with the uncertainty of when dance schools will re-open. However, while you can’t physically attend a dance class, there is lots that you can still do at home to keep active and in good shape for your return. Try to put a positive spin on what is a difficult. This could be the perfect opportunity to work on areas you feel are slightly weaker, such as flexibility or... Read More

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⁠Ballet positions of the arms

There are many different names for ballet arm positions depending on which ballet method you are learning. It must be mentioned, however, that only the name changes, not the position. Good ballet technique is still good ballet technique, regardless of your chosen method or the name of the position. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you with the correct placement of arms in ballet, along with the positions’ different names in each ballet method. Bras bas – RAD, Imperial Ballet Fifth en bas – Cecchetti Preparatory position –... Read More

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Ballet positions of the feet

In ballet, there are five main positions of the feet: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. All five positions of the feet in ballet use turnout. Turnout is a rotation of the entire leg coming from the hip joint. The femur head rotates in the hip socket and is controlled by your Gluteus Maximus (or glutes for short) and deep outward rotators (such as Piriformis, Quadratus Femoris). Turnout never comes from the feet or knee, as this puts great pressure and stress on the joints. Additional pressure is placed on... Read More